All Majada Pedroche products pass three quality filters, so we are very sure of them. However, but if it is not in the right conditions, the product will be changed. The Client has a period of 7 days from the detection of the non-conformity to notify us of said anomaly, in case the return is accepted, we will have up to 10 days to collect the product and replace it with another. The costs of collecting and delivering the replaced product will be at our expense.

In the event that the returned product is incomplete, or a part of it has been consumed, the Customer will be billed approximately what has been consumed before the replacement is delivered. The foregoing is without prejudice to the rights that the Client holds as a consumer in accordance with the provisions of current mandatory regulations on consumer protection.

To proceed with a return, the following steps must be followed:

Inform before 7 calendar days from the detection of the non-conformity that the product wants to be returned. The information can be made via mail to or through the customer service form. From our corresponding department we will inform the client of the approximate period in which the transport agency will pass by the address to collect the product.
Once the returned product arrives at our facilities, it will be reviewed and we will proceed to invoice and collect what is missing, only in the event that the product is in good condition, and to send the replacement.
The customer will be informed of the shipment and approximate date of delivery of the replaced product.

If the client prefers the return of the money instead of the replacement of the product, once the returned product has been verified, in case of accepting said return we will proceed to refund the amount by bank transfer or credit to the CLIENT’s credit card.